13 April 2012

Fun Friday: The Great Cloth Diaper Change!

First off, we need to address my obsession with creating alliterate themed titles for all my blog posts. You know you love it. I know I spend my dreaming time coming up with it. Let us all embrace it.

Now, The Great Cloth Diaper Change! Say Huh? If you are not in the cloth diapering community (and why not? why AREN'T you?) then you probably have no idea to what in the world I am referring. The Great Cloth Diaper Change is this incredible event created by the Cloth Diaper gods... ok, well I think actually The Real Diaper Association had something to do with it, in order to bring more awareness to the world of cloth diapering. According to the website, as of April 9th, there are 305 officially registered hosts in 16 countries! Talk about powerful!

Miss O and I participated in the FIRST change last year. The timing was all wrong for us, as we were in the middle of moving and life was crazy, but the one tried and true fact of life is that the BEST THINGS always happen at the most inconvenient times. Am I right? Sure enough, on that Saturday morning in April last year I pulled my mom (who thought, eerr *thinks*, I was just a little bit nuts) and Miss O to a local cloth diapering place in Madison (I wanted to go to my favorite place in Racine but didn't have time to drive all the way there - but that's neither here nor there). In my overzealousness we were the first ones there. We *might* have arrived before the store opened, but I'm not telling.

Talk about being a part of something bigger than all of us. You know by now how much I thrive on life changing, earth shattering, above all powerful moments - and this was one of those moments. I mean, sure, all I did was change a diaper - goodness how many did I change before that and how many after! - but in doing so, I made a statement. I made a difference. I joined a community. No other diaper I have changed has meant more than that Hot Pink Charlie Banana. Tears come to my eyes every time I think about how I came together with these amazing cloth diapering mamas I knew mostly from online and we stood up for something in which we truly believe. The actual act of changing that diaper, of course, was rather mundane. And in true "Kari-style" (of which you will learn plenty) I completely forgot wipes or a changing pad of any sort, so poor Miss O had to lay half naked on the dirty floor. BUT STILL. Her grump face will NOT diminish how amazing I felt! The fact that I'm quite sure my 11 month old became the youngest child ever to roll her eyes at her mama will never take away how much fun I had.

Even if you do not yet cloth diaper (sorry, have you seen my post? What is Love?) you can still participate - just find a local cloth diapering store on the Great Cloth Diaper Change website and purchase some for the day! What a great excuse to try cloth diapering and if you don't like them, you can definitely sell them to some addicts on the street.. I mean cloth diapering mamas. Come on.. aren't you curious?

I don't have the photo of us at the store online, BUT here's a photo of Miss O playing with the free rattle she got!

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