17 July 2012

Pregnancy PetPeeve

Ok I get that I am hypersensitive, but I just read a bunch of comments on a facebok post that said "what is/was your biggest pregnancy pet peeve" and this woman said this: "In 2012, with 4328542 types of BC it's amazing that people still have "accidents", but no we weren't one of them! But thanks for assuming we're irresponsible and total idiots!" <------ Um I didn't realize I was irresponsible AND an idiot. Maybe HER comment would be my biggest pet peeve, does it count 3 years later?

Why can't people think about what they say, especially on social media? How self righteous can you be? I'd love to give her a piece of my mind, but, alas, she probably wouldn't understand me. ;)

C'est la vie. I have to say God had a plan in my child, because if he hadn't forced it upon me I never EVER would have given birth and gotten my Miss O.

My husband said the BEST thing the other day. I asked him why God didn't give me patience when giving me a child and his reply was:

"Babe, even God knew He couldn't give you patience - it was too much to do. Instead, He gave you me."

I cried, of course, because it's the most true statement I've ever heard. I love my husband and am SO THANKFUL this has all happened to US and no one else.