30 October 2011

Where is your joy?

My Dad always jokes that my "all time most favorite thing in the whole entire world" changes almost every time I find something new. He's definitely right. I just find it impossibly hard not to get excited about pretty much everything. Joy is EVERYWHERE! Too often I notice there seems to be a great let down when nothing diary-worthy happens on a given day, but let me tell you: your amazing cup of hazelnut coffee with hazelnut creamer and 2 sprinkles of Splenda CAN be the best, most exciting thing ever to happen to you on that very same day. Ain't nothing wrong with lovin' the little things. If we lose sight of the little joys then we will entirely miss the great excitements!

Every night I like to reflect back on the events or moments that truly made this day worth living. Just off the top of my head: my daughter's face when she was riding in the pumpkin wagon. I know a thousand different moments passed today, but that first moment when her daddy put her in the wagon is the one that made the cold, the exhaustion, and the day completely worthwhile.

Where do you find your joy?

Welcome to My World!

Who I Was: An adventure loving, lion walking, elephant training, trouble causing professional life liver. An afraid of nothing, excited about everything, world at my feet African Princess. 

Who I Was Supposed To Become: A backpacking, world traveling, human saving, social corporate responsibility expert. A smile all the time, go where the wind blows, Lord trusting wanderlust. 

Who I Am: A breastfeeding, baby wearing, cloth diapering, eco conscious SAHM, wife to a former Navy Sailor. Follow me as I learn what life is like as a genuine, bonafide grown up.

I change jobs more than most people change clothes, but I can tell you that the one passion that has always stayed strong has been writing. Well and talking. In fact, recently I have tried incorporating W.A.I.S.T. (Why Am I Still Talking) into my life, admittedly unsuccessfully. So while I'm learning how to be a grown up (notice I didn't say "stop dreaming..") I figured I might as well document my thoughts. After all, no one wants to grow old alone! :) If you stick around for my journey, I promise you won't be sorry. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you might roll your eyes, but hey: who isn't up for a little adventure? And you won't even need to pack a bag!