20 September 2012

I, too, am a Crappy Mom!

I'm jumping on the wagon, too, because I am SO SICK AND TIRED of all these mommy wars. So in following with Life with Levi I am going to share why I, too, am a crappy mom.

I tell my daughter she is beautiful. I also tell her she's smart, funny, and totally nuts. Which is obviously setting her up for lifelong failure.

I let her watch Disney movies and pretend she's a princess.

I cloth diapered, "extended" breastfed w no formula, made her baby food from scratch, and tried to use organic products.

I also vaccinate, sometimes let her eat McD's french fries, am pretty sure she OD'ed on mum mums, and have NO idea how I feel about circumcision on boys.

I bought a LOT of carriers for baby wearing. And used them all about once - couldn't stand the screaming and moaning (and O wasn't much better! ;)). Instead, I bought 4 awesome strollers we all love. Well, my husband might just love 1.

Sometimes I realize we've spent too much time watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, but I don't want to stop the cuddles. Other days I can't possibly spend another minute at the park.

I simply can't be a hover mom, totally not my style and kind of annoys me. That being said, O probably has had more injuries that she should - I choose to call them "learning experiences."

I got embarrassed when she screeches like the bird from Little Mermaid while on a small plane, but I found myself laughing still. I also yelled at the old hag in front of me who told me O shouldn't be allowed in public and SHE had "perfect children" who "at least knew how to sit quietly when they should."

I wanted to keep her rear-facing until at least 2. When we rented a car in California the seat was more dangerous rear-facing than forward facing (seriously - it would pop wheelies around turns) and there was no going back, so at 18 months I lost that battle.

I am still bitter about that and still make my husband watch the videos to prove why I'm always right.

My kid is hysterical, totally crazy, and gets super excited about EVERYTHING. She's smart, she's gorgeous, and totally lovable. She brings joy wherever she goes and people genuinely enjoy her.

I'd say I'm doing alright. And if being a "good" mom requires stressing out and obsessively googling EVERYTHING (more than I already do) then I would simply rather "fail" while enjoying her childhood.