02 April 2012

Spiders Beware!

This afternoon I walked out of my house to discover a HUGE spider lying next to the step. At first I was so shocked I ran inside. Then I decided I was going to risk capturing a picture. When I worked up the courage to get a closer look I realized that it had been smooshed by some kind of giant!! Oh my goodness!!! This spider was SO big - bigger than anything I'd seen in Africa and yet something big enough to smoosh it came close enough to my HOUSE to do so! WHERE DO I LIVE!?!?! (I believe I actually muttered those words aloud.)

I quickly text the picture to my husband (who was, yes, just upstairs) who then replied he had killed it this morning on his way home from work and left it there as a warning to all other spiders to stay away from his family.

My Hero! ... or Utterly Lazy? :)

*note: I have a picture of said spider on my phone, however, it was being eaten and carried away in pieces by ants and, well.. that's not very "family friendly" now is it?*

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