12 April 2012

Thoughtful Thursday: My Husband, My Blessing

I am always amazed at the comments women will write about their husbands online. Don't get me wrong - my husband drives me nuts, too, but I do hope I refrain from complaining/nagging in public forum and focus on the incredible things he does for his family every day.

At the risk of producing proficient gagging from my readers, let me go into some of the top things my husband does:

He brings me flowers. Not just on holidays or Mother's Day, but random Mondays, Tuesdays, Just Because Days. Our table always has flowers.

He paid a ridiculous amount of money to ship an entire box of Disney shampoos/conditioners to my door step because he knew I needed a pick me up and a reminder of Disney at home.

He cleans up Miss O after dinner. This might seem minor, but messes give me heart attacks and after cleaning up for two meals already, dinner time is usually my breaking point.

He laughs. You know those genuinely deep, really enjoying life, so happy to be alive laughs? Those are his laughs.

He gives Miss O her bath. Similar to cleaning up at dinner, usually by bath time I need a few minutes of peace to get stuff done, usually folding laundry. So it's nice that they have father/daughter time. I know this won't last long as soon she won't want Daddy giving her a bath, but we all enjoy it now.

He cleans while I'm away. Countless times I've left to visit family, take O on a trip, do a vendor event and have come home to a totally scrubbed house - floors vacuumed, shelves dusted, everything put away. 'Nough. Said.

I could go on and on, but I really just want to give you a little insight into our lives and who we are. I also want to encourage you to remember all the great aspects about your significant other! What is something your SO does that makes you proud or makes you want to brag about him/her? Go ahead! Brag away!


  1. I agree 110%! Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one who doesn't think its cool to husband bash. My husband works 7 days a week- sometimes at both of his jobs in one day- so that I can stay home with our Natural Disasters, *ahem* I mean, boys. :-) And when the day is through, he tells me how much he appreciates ME. Why would I bash THAT?

    Stopping by from the Finding New Friends blog hop. Following you now. :-)

    Feel free to stop by any of my web based homes anytime- I'd love to become "web friends"!

    1. i love it! i feel like we should create our own "promoting husbands" group! :) my mom always told me how important it is to show respect to your husband, especially around others. so i've never thought husband bashing is cool. wise woman she is.

      i'm going to check out your pages now! :) thanks for following! :)