14 February 2012

What is LOVE?... Well It's #ClothDiapers

Well it’s certainly no secret I am a HUGE fan of cloth diapering. I can’t hide it, I won’t deny it, and I’m telling you I LOVE that fluffy bum! While I hope to make this blog one of interest that connects to people of all walks of life, please understand that my personal walk includes the Fluff! Really, it’s part of the reason for starting this blog. I’ve gotten so involved in the fluff community and love the camaraderie, and well, it’s SO not a “me” thing to do! I had never once changed a diaper in my 25 years of life until Miss O came along. Now, not only do I change them, I dunk them, swish them, spray them, and actually love them. I mean it. I love my stash in a personal way.

So before I go all “Barry Manilow” on my fluff stash, I think now is a great time to give a shout out to the diaper that started it all: Charlie Banana!

I remember a time in the not-so-distant past that I viewed anyone who cloth diapered as extremely archaic and, well, rather weird. Then, Zulily (my personal favorite discount site – here’s my referral link, I’m not ashamed! - http://www.zulily.com/invite/kmeeker876 ) featured Charlie Banana diapers and, curious by their bright colors and smooth, sleek design, I found myself uttering the words: “well, maybe with the NEXT baby, what do you think, Honey?” At that moment, my husband pointed out that our CURRENT baby was only four months old and buying two diapers “just to try them” certainly couldn’t hurt… (well more on just how “WRONG” he was at a later time! ;))


How gorgeous is that? The cross over tabs, the smooth material, the well stitch seams, the super soft liner… If lovin’ Charlie Banana is wrong – I do NOT want to be right!

Miss O is very tall and skinny so we had trouble with a few brands fitting around her waist (the term “duct tape” comes to mind) so the fact that Charlie Banana has cross over snaps on the tabs sealed the deal. And, while the inside elastic adjustment may deter a few folks, I promise it is simple to figure out and so much easier to deal with than snaps coming undone as you try to put the diaper on (my husband’s personal diaper peeve).

Best of all, if you need disposables for grandma or traveling, or if you’re truly so concerned about starting cloth diapering (although, after one night of Miss O sleeping in a Charlie Banana and waking up with a bone dry bum was enough to convert me for LIFE) Charlie Bananas offer a “2-in-1” system – not only can you use their provided microfiber inserts (yes, plural, how awesome), you can combine the cover with their disposable inserts. Honestly, I have not been a disposable insert person so I have no idea how these fair (just being honest) but if they are anything like the Charlie Banana diapers they will be of the highest quality!

Should that not be enough to excite you: Charlie Banana also donates 1% of worldwide profits to Operation Smile., which is an organization whose mission of helping children with cleft lips and cleft palates hits very close to home for me.

If you haven’t tried cloth diapering and are even just a teeny bit curious, please feel free to contact me with any questions – but don’t be afraid when I answer back! If you’re ready to take my word for it (and why wouldn’t you?) Zulily might have a *few* Charlie Bananas left from their current sale, otherwise I recommend checking out their fabulous retailers online!!

I just realized this will be posting on Valentine’s Day, how appropriate!

*Disclaimer: I was provided absolutely nothing for this review. I cannot say Charlie Banana does not know I exist because I often tweet or facebook with them about how fabulous their products are and I did win a giveaway once (but you can’t have them! They’re mine!!! ☺), but they definitely did not know I was writing this review and I can only hope they are happy with my words!*

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