06 February 2012

Just Another Magic Monday

Did you ever notice that when you light a candle from one already illuminated, the original candle does not lose any of its brilliance! And in doing so, the light from the original candle can light up the entire room, magnifying itself over and over again by lighting other candles. ...you can illuminate the lives of others. 
-- Mary Kay Ash

Personally, I LOVE that Monday comes directly after Sunday. Perhaps, this is because I LOVE church AND my job. But mostly, it's because I love that church gets me excited about work and work gets me excited about my relationship with God. How powerful is THAT?

As I sit in the pews (eerr chairs) at church, I love the feeling that comes as I recognize the awesome power the Lord has blessed me with - the power to CHANGE LIVES. Your life is NOT something to be taken lightly. We have this incredible power to influence others, to build up esteem, to encourage strength. This power comes from our hearts through our words. We owe it to others to be a blessing to them every single day. We owe it to ourselves to be a blessing to others. What an impact we can make on the world simply by channeling our energies into spreading positive energy.

Mondays are Mary Kay Success Days! We start each week (optional) with a powerful Success Meeting where we celebrate our accomplishments and receive encouragement and training for pursuing the future! Because of these meetings, I truly feel every company’s meetings should start by dancing to a fantastic song and clapping for every single person in the room!!! If you think I’m lying, you should check out a meeting ;) We Mary Kay Women LOVE to celebrate life!

Through my “job” I have an incredible opportunity to spread my faith, my support, my confidence to other women. I have an opportunity to impact women’s lives and give them financial stability, self-worth, and the ability to dream! What an enormous responsibility. What a shame it would be to waste that chance.

When I was in law school I knew I wanted to help women and children. My dreams involved social corporate responsibility, sex-trafficking and domestic violence abolition, and third world country development. I worked really hard. I was really smart. I was really motivated. I LOVED studying these issues.

Needless to say my life took a different direction. At first I felt frustrated and hurt that I had let my life slip away, but my dad (always my voice of reason) carefully explained to me he never thought I would have a typical 9-5 job – especially if that job involved an office and suit. My personality simply requires that I have a job where I am on the go, can express my individuality, and, honestly, do things my own way. Suddenly, I began looking at my current “job” through new eyes. I can STILL help women and their children. I can STILL offer the world something powerful. I can do it with more pizazz and more individuality than I ever could while working in a corporate or government setting. My “job” is LIFE CHANGING. Not just for me, but for the women with whose lives I cross paths.

I know I can speak for myself when I say I do not want to be at those pearly gates and feel I wasted all my God-given talent. Sure, I am a talking cliché, but how many people actually follow through?

If I could wish anything for myself, I would wish my life to illuminate others, to light the path for them to follow, but only for as long as needed for them to get started on their way. May my ego never grow to forget that being a blessing to others does not equal bringing others to rely on me. Rather, being a blessing requires that my light fade in order to allow another’s to shine for herself. If I could wish anything for others, I would wish they would experience life as it was meant to be lived! That they could truly enjoy themselves and everything they have to offer the world.

This week I want you to challenge yourself, step outside the box, and really start to tap into your full potential. What is one goal you have for yourself today, this week, this year, or in life? What is something that would take you out of your comfort zone, but would help you reach that goal faster?

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