08 June 2012

Fluff Friday: Because Brains Don't Think on Fridays!

Here are some interesting (or at least I think so) facts about me:

(1) The hyena is my favorite African animal (followed closely by the Warthog). DH bought DD a stuffed hyena before she was even born.
(2) I have the best husband on Earth, and legitimately feel just a little bit bad that others aren't married to him. :)
(3) I seriously love being a Mary Kay Consultant. I find it rewarding, satisfying, challenging, and interesting, while also being accommodating to my lifestyle. I've grown abundantly in both my faith, self confidence, and self worth in just 1 year.
(4) I cannot eat things that are white, creamy, and go "squish" (yea).
(5) My fear of sharks is not only irrational but often debilitating.
(6) I make a LOT of lists. I spend more time than necessary making lists. I make lists for the lists I want to make. Wait... this is a list, too, isn't it?
(7) The thing that holds me back most in life is my intense desire to hang out with my family ALL THE TIME. (yet, see #3).
(8) I wish I could justify being 5 shades tanner all the time.
(9) I was alone with our fish tank for 5 days and 3 fish died. The fish were entirely on their own for 3 days and 0 died. #JustSayin'
(10) My dream life is living near an African beach being just a little sweaty and just a little dusty every day for the rest of my life.

What are some interesting facts about you?