17 July 2012

Pregnancy PetPeeve

Ok I get that I am hypersensitive, but I just read a bunch of comments on a facebok post that said "what is/was your biggest pregnancy pet peeve" and this woman said this: "In 2012, with 4328542 types of BC it's amazing that people still have "accidents", but no we weren't one of them! But thanks for assuming we're irresponsible and total idiots!" <------ Um I didn't realize I was irresponsible AND an idiot. Maybe HER comment would be my biggest pet peeve, does it count 3 years later?

Why can't people think about what they say, especially on social media? How self righteous can you be? I'd love to give her a piece of my mind, but, alas, she probably wouldn't understand me. ;)

C'est la vie. I have to say God had a plan in my child, because if he hadn't forced it upon me I never EVER would have given birth and gotten my Miss O.

My husband said the BEST thing the other day. I asked him why God didn't give me patience when giving me a child and his reply was:

"Babe, even God knew He couldn't give you patience - it was too much to do. Instead, He gave you me."

I cried, of course, because it's the most true statement I've ever heard. I love my husband and am SO THANKFUL this has all happened to US and no one else.


  1. It's a pet peeve of mine as well. It's a known fact that no birth control is 100% effective, they all fail. It does not make a person irresponsible. Then there are the people like me who cannot use any form of birth control (even barriers) due to bad reactions so instead we use a fertility awareness method paired with withdrawal. This means people automatically assume we're being careless. Well, it worked perfectly for 2.5 years before it "failed" and 3.5 years before it "failed" before that so I think that's pretty effective...

    1. Amen, Mama. I was just talking to my husband about that. No birth contol is 100%. and guess what, it's still a CHILD. And I'd say we're all doing just fine :)