20 May 2012

Breaking the Silence: Part 1

The Zoo in Maryland has this photo of a nursing bear posted in PLAIN VIEW for ALL THE WORLD to see - INCLUDING my TWO YEAR OLD CHILD! How am I supposed to explain this barbaric act to HER?? I am disgusted and offended by how crude and repulsive this image is to me. A MAMMAL nursing her babies! *Vomit* It is SO GROSS I can hardly stand it. For one, those babies obviously have TEETH and they can WALK - I'm sure they can even "ask" for food in their own bear language. Hence, they are WAY too old to be nursing!!! Doesn't that mother polar bear know when to STOP??? Obviously she is just doing this for her own sick, perverted, sexual or otherwise selfish needs. What about the male polar bears? They should be FURIOUS they aren't getting any action due to her constantly being at the beck and call of her babies.* Why doesn't she cover up? Why would the zoo post this photo?? And don't get me started on the caption (not pictured) that said "Polar Bear Picnic" *vomit, puke, gag*. This image of the so-called "wild" is SO unnatural, and SO unnerving. I honestly don't know how express my anger at the Maryland Zoo. I might start a petition to have it removed. I am definitely blogging about it. Maybe I should start a protest movement! PEOPLE AGAINST NURSING MAMMALS!!!!!!!!!!

Oh wait. I think that group already exists. It's called society.

*I understand that male animals often kill babies that are not their own in order to get the mothers to start breeding again - trust me, worked with lions, know the deal - but I think we can all agree Daddies shouldn't kill Babies.

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