11 March 2013

If you would just let me do your hair, you wouldn't have butter in it...

Imagine, I found myself saying those actual words to my daughter at dinner one night as she had a chunk (a CHUNK) of butter swinging from a curl.*

Alas, having an almost 3 year old with crazy hair like mine leads to many a frustration when she won't allow it to be combed/pony tailed/ect.. In an effort to encourage her to expect her body to be respected, however, I refuse to force her to do something with her hair she doesn't want to do, even if it drives me nuts. Occasionally she will allow "dancey hair" so she can swing it around like a go-go dancer, but that is only for dancing time and only for a minute. You would think with her princess obsession she would want her hair done just like a princess. Nope. Wrong.

Even if I have spent a gajillion dollars on hair ties, headbands, ribbons, and bows adorned in minnie mouse, princesses, sparkles, and jewels. Even if her cute little face is so much better showcased with her hair out of her eyes.

Even if, at the end of a meal, we find her missing straw wrapped up in another curl.**

*doesn't help that this came about from her eating butter with her fingers. gag.
**true story

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