18 March 2013

I *Should* be Packing, So...

...instead I will blog about having two kids.

I've heard it said a million times before, in one form or another: "you will do everything different with the second one, trust me."

I'm only 1 month in to my re-mommyhood (1 month, exactly! Happy Birth Anniversary, Little C!) but I've noticed some glaring differences. And some, not so differences.

Child 1: DO NOT put ANY article of clothing on said child until it has been appropriately washed in Dreft.
Child 2: I don't own Dreft - so just rip the tags off that sucker and let's go to church!

Child 1: Video Camera is on at all times while said child is sleeping. Parents are up multiple times a night "just to check."
Child 2: Video Camera IS really bright, after all....

Child 1: Must. Be. Swaddled. Seriously, until about 8 months. Honestly, we'd still be swaddling her if we could.
Child 2: Falls asleep on the couch, floor, wherever. Anywhere but a photo shoot.

Child 1: Cries. Parents shoot over to the room - "We're COMING!! Don't DIE! Don't CRY! What do we do!?!?!?!" Parents then join in crying.
Child 2: Cries. "Yea, yea, I'm coming kid. Let me pee first." (ok I'm not THAT bad, but you get the idea)

Child 1: Mom rests for full 6 weeks. People dote on her. She doesn't leave the house during that time except for important doctor visits.
Child 2: I wanted to go leave the hospital minutes after giving birth. I still got doted on, but by Day 2 I was talking about my new dream of running a marathon. Day after birth we were driving 3 hours to NICU and I haven't sat down since.

Child 1: Mom refuses to leave the house looking anything other than pristinely put together.
Child 2: These yoga pants don't have THAT much breastmilk on them...*

Child 1: Gets sprayed off with the sink sprayer for a bath.
Child 2: Ditto.**

Child 1: MY daughter will NEVER wear tutus and ridiculous hair bows. Honestly. The Nerve.
Child 1 & 2: Tinker Bell has spewed all over my house.

I'm sure I'll be noticing more and more differences and similarities, but one thing is for sure: I seriously and for real LOVE my girls.

*I still shower and put makeup on, though. Most of the time. When I leave the house.
**Ok total "Dad move" right there - Mamas and Mamies use washcloths and gently make sure infant is warm at all times.

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