01 March 2012


A lion in the zoo wants for nothing. Within the confines of a plush enclosure, food, shelter, cleanliness, and plenty of love and attention are all lavished upon him at no cost to him. He expends his energy neither for hunting nor defending; rather it is reserved for the occasional tussle during play and mating. His life is spent lounging in the sun, eating what is fed to him. His life is safe. His life is controlled. His life is....

BUT, what if the lion can only focus on the bars that hold him back?

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  1. A few weeks ago I went to to the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago their cat exhibit ruined the whole trip for me. It was soo small reminiscent to what Toledo used to have. The adult male Lion looked so depressed and miserable :( You could just tell by looking in his eyes that isn't where he wanted to be.